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Essay On Air Pollution For School Students

With the passing days, the quality of air is depleting due to the excessive release of pollutants. These pollutants have hazardous effects on the health of humans and animals. Moreover, they are responsible for affecting the overall balance of our ecosystem. But what exactly causes air pollution, and how can we take corrective measures? In this essay on air pollution, you will learn about different aspects of air pollution.

Introduction to Essay on Air Pollution

For drafting an air pollution essay in English, it is essential to provide a brief definition of air pollution. School students can explain air pollution as the mixing of hazardous compounds or chemicals into the air. These compounds also include biological wastes. All the pollutants degrade the quality of air which ultimately affects the health of living beings, plants, and the earth's environment as a whole.

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes

Students must include all the causes of air pollution essay in the body section. There are various causes of air pollution, such as:

●       Gases are released from vehicles such as buses, cars, aeroplanes, etc. These are the major reasons for the increased accumulation of greenhouse gases.

●       The burning of fossil fuels is another big reason for the emission of sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

●       Regular industrial operations release hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and organic air pollutants.

●       Agricultural activities emit ammonia which results in the depletion of air condition.

●       Mining activities release enormous amounts of dust and pollutants into the air.

●       Household cleaning and painting chemicals also release hazardous chemicals into the air, which increases the risk of breathing problems.

Students can include all the above-mentioned causes of air pollution essay to frame a powerful write-up.

Essay on Air Pollution: Effects on Environment and Living Beings

Air pollution has dangerous effects on the health of people and the earth's environment. For writing an essay on air pollution, students must include the following points:

1. Global warming

An essay on air pollution always includes its effect on the earth's temperature. The emission of toxic gases leads to an imbalance in atmospheric gases. This results in an increase in atmospheric temperature, which causes global warming.

 2. Human diseases

Air pollution is among the major reasons for increasing respiratory diseases among children and young adults. Air polluting gases harm the lung and respiratory organs, which causes asthma and other breathing problems. In some instances, air pollution has also led to the development of lung cancer.

 3. Depletion of the ozone layer

Air pollution emits pollutants like halons, chlorofluorocarbons, and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer. An academic essay on air pollution must include the fact that ozone layer depletion fails to stop harmful sun rays from entering the earth's atmosphere. Moreover, these rays cause multiple skin damage to people.

 4. Acid rain

Acid rain occurs when the air's sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide mix with the rainwater and fall on the earth's surface. These raindrops are highly acidic. They not only harm humans, animals, and plants but also lead to the depletion of historical architectures.

Essay on Air Pollution: Major Pollutants

To write an essay on air pollution, students must be aware of the major pollutants. There are multiple chemicals and gases of air pollution. Some of these components are:

● The primary air pollutants include all the gases directly released into the earth's atmosphere. These are nitrogen oxide, dust, smoke, sulphur oxide, carbon monoxide, radioactive compounds, etc.

● Secondary pollutants are another component of air pollution. They are formed by the interaction of primary pollutants and atmospheric components. They include heavy fog, smog, etc.

●  Natural air pollutants include dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, etc. 

An essay on air pollution must consist of primary and secondary pollutants. Knowledge about these components is essential for taking corrective measures to solve the problems of air pollution.

Essay on Air Pollution: Preventive Measures

To solve the problems of air pollution, people need to proceed with a strategic approach. Today air pollution is increasing at high speed. Therefore, strict measures need to be taken to combat its hazardous effects. Some of the preventive measures to include in the air pollution essay in English are:

●       People need to take the initiative to plant more trees in their surroundings to increase the oxygen level in the atmosphere.

●       Regulation of policies that require industries to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

●       People need to use public transport instead of private cars to reduce the emission of smoke and greenhouse gases.

●       With the technical advancement, people are able to use the natural source of energy derived from the sun and wind. Therefore, instead of using fossil fuels, it is essential to shift to these sustainable energy sources.

●       Forests are essential for maintaining atmospheric balance by reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gases. Therefore, people need to stop cutting down the forest for commercial purposes.

●       Inorganic farming components increase the emission of air pollutants. Therefore, farmers must shift to the organic farming system to conserve the environment.

Essay on Air Pollution: End Note

Air pollution is a global issue. Every individual needs to take a firm stand to reduce this problem and bring balance to the environment. By making small changes, everyday people can solve this massive problem and help each other lead a healthy and happy life.

School students generally need to write a short essay on air pollution. However, in the higher class, students get an essay on air pollution 350 words questions. In both cases, all the topics and points mentioned above are sufficient to frame a powerful essay.


Q. What are the causes of Air Pollution?

A. The major causes of air pollution include greenhouse gases released by vehicles, industries, and agricultural and mining wastes. However, household pollutants like cooking gas, and wall paints, also increase the issues of air pollution.

Q. What are the effects of Air Pollution?

A. Air pollution causes multiple hazardous effects on the earth's atmosphere and all living beings. In humans, it leads to the development of respiratory disease. The high volume of greenhouse gases depletes the ozone layer and also causes acid rain.

Q. What can we do to stop Air Pollution?

A. To stop air pollution, people need to shift to a sustainable source of energy, use public transport, and plant more trees. Moreover, most greenhouse gases are produced by industries. Therefore, the industry owners must take corrective measures to reduce the emission of air pollutants.

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