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Don’t Ignore Depression in Children

Depression in children is a bit complicated as it’s really not easy to identify. Thus, it’s important for parents to learn about depression. As a parent, you’ve to be that emotional support and help your child who is going through depression. It’s also saddening to note that according World Health Organization, India is one of the most depressed countries in the world.

Depression isn’t just about feeling sad and having mood swings. However, if a child feels sad or low for a long period of time, then he might be under the influence of depression. Feelings of worthlessness, emptiness and guilt often cross the mind of a child.

The ability to feel happy vanishes, and a child is often in his own sad zone. It’s important to identify such symptoms early and take the child out from the depressing mode. The parent and the child should come out of the sense of denial when dealing with depression. The denial just aggravates the condition of depression.


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Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression vary from person to person. When it comes to a child, you can’t actually identify the problem easily. However, here are some symptoms observed in a child who suffers from depression.

Sleeplessness: A depressed child will find it hard to get a sound sleep. And, lack of sleep makes the condition worse. So, check on your child and make sure that he’s sleeping well.

Socialising: A child starts living in his/her own zone and stops socialising. If that’s the case, talk with your child and get to the root of the problem.

Lack of Concentration: When children are depressed, they’ll not be able to concentrate on their studies. Lack of concentration can affect academics apart from the mental health of children.

Change in Behaviour: Children will visibly become more irritable and gloomy.

Prolonged Sadness: The sadness which your child goes through may not be temporary.

Lesser Productivity: The overall productivity of a child can go for a toss. Nothing interests children when they’re depressed.


How to Deal with Depression

Talk it out: Talk with your child. Don’t opt for a direct confrontation. Make conversation easy and free flowing. It’s important for them to be comfortable discussing what they are going through. Only then will you be able to identify the real problem.

Engaging Activities: An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. It’s sometimes also his home for many negative thoughts. Let me remind you that there are many negative thoughts which come and go. Although it’s difficult to know what children are thinking, encourage them to be positive. Children can join their favourite activity class or do things they really enjoy and want to. This will engage them and help them drive away negative thoughts.

Encourage Outdoor Activities: Encourage your child to go out and play. A breath of fresh air can really do wonders.

Seek Medical Help: All these points will only work if the child is taking proper medication. So, do seek medical help if depression is the problem.

In the end, staying happy is something which can fight depression or sadness. So, make sure your child is in a happier state of mind. It’s really important.

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