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Top 7 Mistakes of IIT JEE Aspirants


Top 7 Mistakes of IIT JEE Aspirants

Here are some mistakes which are made by IIT JEE aspirants.

By Pratibha Yadav 25th Mar, 2015 03:54 pm

Success in IIT JEE is important if you want to get into an Indian Institute of Technology; however, preparing for IIT JEE is obviously not easy. Thus, to crack an exam which is really important, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Here are some mistakes which are made by IIT JEE aspirants. These mistakes may seem trivial to you, but they make a great impact on your final results.

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Not Paying Attention in Class: As a student, we tend to take our lectures for granted. However, paying attention in class strengthens our basics. Not paying attention to the lectures is one of the first mistakes.

No Planning: IIT JEE needs full-fledged planning. Delay in preparations can lead to unsatisfactory results. You have to plan your studies and stick to the plan. However, students usually end up not following the proper plan. It may be a casual mistake, but the impact isn’t casual at all.

Lack of Self-study: To get good marks, students end up joining not one but many coaching classes. The way of teaching is different everywhere and it confuses you. Also, many coaching classes reduce the time spent on self-study. In a class, you’re being fed with information, but when you study by yourself, you’re actually working your brains out. Therefore, neglecting self-study time is another huge mistake.

Sticking to Just One Subject: Students quite often end up concentrating on one particular subject. It’s better if you maintain a balance between all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Balanced scores work better than scoring high in one subject and low in others. Also, while solving the IIT JEE question paper, devote equal time to all the three subjects so that you don’t have to gasp for extra time in the end.

Ignoring Difficult Topics: Students tend to omit difficult questions or topics. This is a disastrous mistake. Never ignore your weakness. Get out of your comfort zone and go out of your way to crack those questions. Take expert help if needed, but never ignore difficult topics.

Ignoring Class 9 Syllabus and NCERT Textbooks: Class 9 syllabus and NCERT textbooks form the foundation for your IIT JEE preparations. If you want your basics to be clear, make sure you don’t ignore either.

Lack of Practice: You may be studying right and your preparations are going on in full swing. But what about tests? You need to take enough tests to make your preparations worth the effort. Practising through tests helps remember concepts. So, don’t just mug up from your books. Practice with tests.

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