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Didn’t Clear Boards In One Go? Get a Second Chance to Clear ICSE Board Exams

These compartmental exams, being introduced by ICSE will be conducted in the month of July and the results will be published in August.

How Will These Benefit Students?

The biggest nightmare of your life unleashes when students do not manage to clear Board exams. The stigma and the strain can be overwhelming, but more pathetic is the fact that students have to wait one full year before they can appear for Boards again. Losing a whole year may put a lot of your future plans on hold. And, in the meantime, you may tend to lose motivation too. But, what if we told you that you can salvage all that?

The compartmental exams being introduced by ICSE will be of great relief for the students. The biggest perk of this exam is that students who fail to clear Board exams will not lose a whole year, waiting for a second chance. And, that’s the best thing that can happen to the students.

Eligibility for ICSE Compartmental Exams

Compartmental exams will be held in the third week of July. ICSE Class 10 students who have passed in English and three other subjects will be eligible to appear for these compartmental exams. Class XII students who have cleared English and two other subjects will become eligible for these exams.

For further information, you can keep an eye on our blog section. We will update this blog as soon as ICSE makes a new announcement about the compartmental exams.

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