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Did You Know about Indian Volcanoes?

Did you know about Indian Volcanoes? If not, then here is the list of volcanoes in India. 

Barren Island

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Barren Island is confirmed to be the only active volcano in south Asia. It is located in the Andaman Islands. It was in 1787 that this volcano erupted for the first time. The volcano has erupted more than ten times ever since. As the name suggests, it is actually a barren area. Barren Island measures about 354 metres and is 1,161 feet. It is a stratovolcano/composite volcano.




Narcondam is a small volcanic island in the Andaman Sea. The name Narcondam has been derived from the Tamil word Naraka-Kundam which means a pit of Hell. It has been given the status of a dormant volcano by the Geological Survey of India. Narcondam measures 710 metres and about 2,329 feet.


Deccan Traps

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Located on the Deccan Plateau, the Deccan Traps are one of the largest volcanic features on the Earth. The term trap refers to the step-like hills. The formation of the Deccan Traps began about 66 million years ago. The Deccan Traps are quite famous for the fossil fuels found between the layers of lava.


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Baratang is an Andaman Island. It is the only known mud volcano in India with an area of 297.6 square kilometres.

Dhosi Hill

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Dhosi Hill is an extinct volcano. It is located on the borders of Haryana and Rajasthan. The solidified remains of the lava are still there on one side of the hill. Dhosi Hill has been of great significance since the Vedic times and is considered an Ayurvedic centre.

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