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CBSE XII Physics Post-Paper Analysis by TopperLearning Experts

The “PHYSICS” exam is over. A big monkey is off your back for sure. If someone had solved the 2016 paper and felt that the paper was lengthy and difficult then that person would be the most relieved person on this entire globe. Yes! 2017 brought with it a sense of immense relief as the Physics paper was relatively simple, easy to tackle and most importantly NOT lengthy. 

Trends: Chapter-Wise

Trend: Section-Wise

Section A: The 1 markers

 These were easy to crack. A majority of the questions were simple, concept based, which could be answered in one or two words. 

Section B: The 2 markers

One out of the five questions was numerical-based as compared to 2016 which had 2 of that type. The other four questions were tricky. 

Section C: The 3 markers

Prayers were answered in this section. Easy, concise and time-saving are the apt words to describe it. 8 out of 12 questions were from the easiest chapters of Current Electricity, Ray Optics, Communication Systems, and Semiconductor Electronics. That covers 67% of the section C. 7 out of the 12 questions were a direct blink of an eye type, 4 were numericals and 3 were diagram based. All in all, a life saver, to say the least. 

Section D: The 4 marker

For the first time since its inception, a real life scenario appeared in this section. This question had a paragraph referring to the Chernobyl disaster. So, this question was easy to tackle as most students ought to be aware of the incident and should have therefore found it easy to handle. 

Section E: The 5 markers

The most dreaded section was comfortable, to say the least. The questions had sub-parts which made answering this section comparatively easier. Q 24 and 25 had 3 and 4 sub-parts, respectively. Q 25 was from the unit of Optics. So, if a student was comfortable with Ray Optics and not much with Wave Optics then he/she would have enjoyed it. 

In a nutshell, the CBSE XII 2017 Physics paper was relatively easy and a majority of students can now relax and focus on remaining papers.

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