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CBSE Topper's Tips on Revision for Exams.

Agam Goel scored 97% in CBSE board exam 2011. He also cleared AIEEE with AIR-647 and IIT-JEE with AIR-179. One of Topper followers, Sanjit Kalita had the opportunity to talk to him and take his advices to prepare well for the final exams. Here is the gist of the conversation that Sanjit shared with us.

1. How many topics should I revise in a day?

You should see how many topics are there in the entire syllabus of a subject. Divide that by number of days he wishes to revise the entire syllabus. The result is the number of topics you need to revise everyday.

This may not fit every individual's  need but this was what at least I did. I had a definite plan with which I sticked to. In case, I faced any doubt or query, I took help from Exam resources and Ask the Expert, two much-loved features of mine on

2. When should I start revising?

Your goal should be to revise the entire syllabus of all subjects at least twice before exams. This is the key to attempt the paper well and with cent per cent efficiency. This task may seem to be tough but it is actually not as what all you need is solution to each topic of the syllabus recommended.

I followed Textbook solutions for it, and as I have mentioned above, I took assistance from Topper features like Ask the expert. This site starts a chat session with subject experts a couple of months before exams, called Live Chat. I am a fan of it and I strongly recommend it to all those who wish to be crystal clear with the concepts.

3. Kindly give me some revision tips

Study when you feel fresh and relaxed. You can focus more and grasp fast.

Study in a peaceful, neat and clean place of your home.

Take 5-10 minutes of break after every half hour of continuous studying.

Keep revising what you learn. I used to revise everything that I had learnt in a day before going to bed.

These were some tips and advices given by Agam Goel. If he can do wonders, you too can do. Follow his footsteps and show your worth to the world.

Remember, it is never too late!!!
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