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Superb Mental Math Multiplication Tricks!


Superb Mental Math Multiplication Tricks!

By Admin 26th Feb, 2014 02:59 pm

Frankly speaking, mental math multiplication is a very easy and enjoyable task. All you need to realize is to play around digits and numbers. This can be done by employing simple math tricks!!


You can easily multiply two digits numbers by 11 by following a simple trick given below:-

If you are seeking the product of 36 and 11, the simplest way through which you can achieve the mental math multiplication result is by first multiplying 36 by number 10 and thereafter, by adding 36 to the answer.

If this trick appears to be little difficult then apply other trick for product of any two digits number.

Begin by first writing the first digit, then the addition of the first and second digit then the third one. Are you confused? See this!

36x11 =? 3(3+6)6 = 396

Now, did you see how simple mental math multiplication is?

Well, you are probably wondering what will happen if the sum of the first two digits add up to a number that is bigger than 9. Well, this is in fact the simplest multiplication calculation you can ever engage in. All you need to do is to simply add 1 to the first number, then follow it up with the last digit of the addition of the two numbers before finally adding the second number.

It may sound confusing theoretically but this is how it looks like.

87x11=? 8(8+7) =957

Another one of the extremely simple mental math multiplication tricks involves solving the square of any two digits ending with number 5. You won't believe it but it is easy. For example, if you are to find the square of 25, just take the first digit and multiply it with the next higher number that is 3. Add the product to 25. Well this is how it will look like:

25x25=? (2x3)25= 625

See how simple this all is!!

- Topper Team

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