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CBSE Class 9 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics


CBSE Class 9 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics

CBSE Class 9 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics

By Reggie Menacherry 03rd Sep, 2016 12:46 am

  • Content in History chapters is quite vast, so learn and revise all concepts in relation to each other 
  • Keeping yourself aware of current affairs will help you in understanding concepts related to democracy in Civics 
  • Geography can be best learnt through map marking; practise marking all physiographic divisions of India on an outline map of India
  • Concepts in Economics can be best learnt with the help of flow charts and mind mapping








  1. The French Revolution



  • Causes and results of the French Revolution
  1. Socialism In Europe and the Russian Revolution


  • February Revolution
  • Stalin and Collectivisation
  1. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler


  • Policies of Hitler


  1. Democracy in the Contemporary World
  • Democracy in the International Organisations



  1. What is Democracy? Why Democracy?


  • Key features of democracy
  • Need for democracy
  1. Constitutional Design







  • The Making of the Indian Constitution
  • Preamble and Constitution of India


  1. India: Size and Location
  • Latitudinal and Longitudinal extent of India


  1. Physical Features of India
  2. Drainage
  • Drainage patterns formed by rivers
  • Ganga River system


  1. The Story of Village Palampur
  • Factors of production
  1. People as Resource
  • Three main sectors
  • Unemployment

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