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CBSE Class 10 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics


CBSE Class 10 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics

CBSE Class 10 SA1 Tips for History-Civics, Geography and Economics

By Reggie Menacherry 03rd Sep, 2016 12:47 am

  • Practise solving question papers from the last five years
  • Learn and revise all concepts in History in relation to each other 
  • Civics deals with contemporary issues; understanding of concepts through news and reading newspapers will help you to prepare for the exams
  • Be logical while answering questions in Civics
  • In Geography, questions related to the types of resources and conservation of resources are frequently asked in the examinations
  • Focus on all main concepts in Economics and learn them in relation to each other








  1. The Making of a Global World
  • Colonisation of America
  • Colonialism in the late 19th century
  • Economy post Second World War


  1. The Age of Industrialisation



  • Labourers in Britain during the Industrial Revolution
  • Industrialisation in India
  1. Work, Life and Leisure: Cities in the Contemporary World
  • Housing and social life in London
  • Housing and Cinema in Bombay


  1. Print Culture and the Modern World


  • Impact of Printing Revolution in Europe
  • Religious Reforms and Public Debates
  • Print and Censorship
  1. Novels, Society and History


  • Novels for women and younger generation in Europe
  • Novels during colonial period in India






  1. Power sharing




  • Power sharing in Belgium
  • Need for Power sharing
  1. Federalism
  • Main features of federalism
  • Local bodies in India
  1. Democracy and Diversity
  • Overlapping and cross cutting differences
  1. Gender, Religion and Caste
  • Caste in India politics
  • Communalism


  1. Resources and Development
  2. Forest and wildlife resources
  • Loss of biodiversity in India
  • Types of forests in India
  1. Water Resources
  • Reasons for water scarcity
  • Rainwater harvesting in India
  1. Agriculture


  1. Development
  • Public facilities
  • Sustainability of development
  1. Sectors of the Indian Economy

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