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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics: Topics which will fetch you more marks


CBSE Class 12 Mathematics: Topics which will fetch you more marks

Here, we list some important topics which will .help you bag in more marks

By Admin 24th Feb, 2016 06:51 pm

Time is ticking and important topics are yet to be covered. Your success depends on how well you are prepared. Here, we list some important topics which will help you bag in more marks in your Mathematics paper.

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Application of Derivatives: This is the easiest chapter to score marks once you learn the basic rules. Questions involve problems on maxima and minima as well as tangents and normals.

Application of Integrals: Here, you will be asked to find the area under simple curves and the area between any two curves.

Differential Equations: Here, you will be asked either to form the differential equation of a curve whose general solution is given or to find the general or particular solution of a given differential equation.

Integrals: Indefinite integrals and definite integrals are the basics of integral calculus. The methods mentioned in this chapter are important not only because of their weightage but also because of their use in other chapters such as application of integrals and differential equations.

Continuity and Differentiability: Typical questions asked are on finding the derivative of functions of different types and checking for continuity and differentiability of a given function at a point or interval.

Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry

Vectors: This is one of the most important chapters based on weightage and application of its concepts in three-dimensional geometry. Every single concept should be learnt thoroughly to be able to solve both short answer and long answer type questions.

Three-Dimensional Geometry: Questions from this chapter can range from basic definition to equations of lines and planes, from co-planarity to intersections of lines or planes, from angle between lines and planes to distance between planes and skew lines. All concepts should be learnt in-depth to build confidence of problem solving in this chapter.


Matrices: Questions involve problems on finding the inverse of a matrix and solving linear equations using matrices.

Determinants: Here, you will have to solve a given determinant using properties such as row transformation and column transformation.

Relations and Functions: Questions asked here usually revolve around proving whether a given relation is an equivalence relation or not and proving whether a given function is invertible or not.

Inverse Trigonometric Functions: You will have to prove some identity involving inverse trigonometric functions or to solve an inverse trigonometric equation to find the value of ‘x’.

Linear Programming: You will have to find the maximum and minimum of a given function under the given constraints. The equations will be given either directly in the question or in the form of a word problem.

Probability: This chapter needs a great amount of practice to master the concepts and their applications. This is conceptually the most challenging chapter but very rewarding when mastered.

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