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CBSE Class 10 Social Science Board Paper Analysis 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the Social Science exam for students of Class 10 today, 29th March 2019. Over 16.38 lakh students all over India answered the exam.

In this board exam, 80% weightage of marks was given to the theory paper, while 20% weightage of marks was for internal assessment.


Subject-wise Distribution of Marks

The Social Science paper was of 80 marks. It consisted of the four subjects of History, Civics, Geography and Economics. Each of these subjects carried a weightage of 20 marks.



Question Paper Design

Students appearing for the Social Science board paper this year were provided with an increased number of internal choice questions as compared to last year. Earlier only 9 questions had internal choice; however, students had 13 questions with internal choice this year.

These internal choice questions were for all four Social Science subjects. Unlike last year, the Geography map marking section also had options. Students had to mark any three out of five places on an outline map of India.

The question paper had a total of 26 questions to be attempted in 3 hours.

Question No.


Type of Questions


1 mark each

Very short answer (internal choice in 4 questions)


3 marks each

Short answer (internal choice in 6 questions)


5 marks each

Long answer (internal choice in 3 questions)

26 (A)

2 marks

Map-based question (History)

26 (B)

3 marks

Map-based question with internal choice (Geography)



Let us take a look at the chapter-wise distribution of marks for all the four subjects: History, Civics, Geography and Economics.



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