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CBSE cancels re-evaluation of Class 12 marks from 2017

In keeping with the series of changes being made in its system, CBSE recently announced that it will no longer re-evaluate marks for class 12 from 2017.

According to a senior CBSE official, the decision was taken owing to very few complaints from students and fewer genuine cases.

He added that CBSE’s evaluation system already has a three-tier process and hence, the possibility of an error is very rare. CBSE re-evaluates the marks for Class 12 students, for 10 of the roughly 250 subjects. The practice of re-evaluation of marks was introduced in 2014.

CBSE Chairman Rajesh Chaturvedi stated that an exception to this rule would be made for the few genuine complaints the CBSE receives and an internal committee would look into the matter.

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