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CBSE Board Exam 2023- Syllabus released for Class 10 and 12

CBSE publishes an annual curriculum for classes IX to XII that includes academic content; pedagogical practices, an examination syllabus and assessment guidelines. In the recent notification, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has finally put an end to the term-based assessment scheme in the new academic session. The Board has decided to hold the board exam only once a year, in accordance with the new syllabus, as opposed to its decision to conduct the exam twice a year. CBSE has now returned to the previous practice of holding the board exam only once a year, in March or April.

The final board exam will be 80 marks under the new syllabus, and the remaining 20 marks will be evaluated from internal evaluation. The Board has also released the new curriculum for Classes 9th to 12th and brought some modifications to the syllabus of Classes 10th and 12th.

Change in syllabus Class 10th


In the CBSE Class 10th Science subject, the latest notification states some variations in the weightage of the syllabus. Refer to the following table to check the latest updates in the weightage of the units:



Chemical substance - Nature and Behaviour  = 25 marks

Same as before

World of Living = 23 marks

World of Living = 25 marks

Natural Phenomenon = 12 marks

Same as before

Effects of Current = 13 marks

Same as before

Natural Resources = 7 marks

Natural Resources = 5 marks

Syllabus wise, chapters in the Physics syllabus are the same as they were in the academic year of 2021-2022. However, one Chapter in the Chemistry portion has been deleted - ‘Periodic Classification of Elements’. Therefore, students do not need to study this Chapter for the exams.

In the Biology section, the Chapter on - ‘Control and Coordination’, which was deleted for the academic year of 2021-2022, has been again added in the 2022-2023 curriculum. In the ‘Heredity and Evolution’ chapter, only the ‘Evolution’ part stands deleted, whereas the remaining part of ‘Heredity’ is still a part of the syllabus. However, the Chapter on ‘Management of natural resources’ stands deleted, just like the previous year.


 In this subject, no changes have been introduced in the unit-wise weightage. Only the Chapter on ‘Construction’ has been removed from the syllabus for 2022-2023

Watch this video to learn more about the updates made in the syllabus of class 10th - 

Change in syllabus Class 12th

The latest notification issued by the CBSE has not brought any changes in the unit-wise weightage or the percentage distribution of the typology of questions. 


Physics Chapter 1 [Physical World] of Unit 1 has been removed from the syllabus. Some sub-topics have also been removed from specific chapters. Watch this video to learn which sub-topics have been scrapped from the syllabus -


It will be a relief for the students since the Board has removed seven units from the syllabus of Chemistry. These units include -

● UNIT - I - Solid state

● UNIT - V - Surface Chemistry

● UNIT - VI - General Principles of processes of isolation of elements

● UNIT - VII - p-block elements

● UNIT - VIII - s-block elements

● UNIT - XV - Polymers

● UNIT - XVI - Chemistry in everyday life


In the section on biology, certain changes have been brought in the unit-wise weightage distribution. Check the following table -



Reproduction  = 14 marks

Reproduction  = 16 marks

Genetics and Evolution = 18 marks

Genetics and Evolution = 20 marks

Biology and Human Welfare = 14 marks

Biology and Human Welfare = 12 marks

Biotechnology and its applications = 10 marks

Biotechnology and its applications = 12 marks

Ecology and Environment = 14 marks

Ecology and Environment = 10 marks

Certain topics have also been removed from the syllabus of Biology. Check the video above to know which sub-topics have been deleted.


In this subject, the latest notification does not suggest any change in the unit-wise weightage or pattern of the exam for both classes XI and XII.

You can also download the latest CBSE syllabus of all the subjects for Class 10th and Class 12th on TopperLearning.

The Board has also dropped topics on Mughal courts, 'democracy and diversity’, ‘poems by Faiz’, ‘popular struggle movements’ and ‘challenges to democracy’ from the syllabus and excluded the Punjabi Language for Classes 9th-12th. The syllabi for all other regional languages can be accessed from the CBSE board's official website. Remember to complete your preparation for the exams according to the latest changes brought in the overall curriculum, syllabus, and pattern.

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