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Careers after 12th Science

If you thought that Engineering and Medicine were the only career options after graduating from Class 12 in Science, then you may not be in touch with reality. Such isn’t the scenario anymore.

As a Science student, we know that Engineering and Medicine seem to be the only options. Well, such is the popularity of careers in these fields. There’s no harm in becoming an engineer or doctor. However, if these don’t interest you, then there are many other options in Science.


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Engineering is one of the sought-after careers in Science. If you’re a Science student, you know that at least for once you’d have considered Engineering as a career option, right? It’s a good career option. If you have the will to become an engineer, go ahead and pursue it.

Requirements: After Class 12, you need to enrol yourself in an Engineering college and attain a degree in the field. Based on what kind of engineer you want to become, you can select your course.


Careers in Medicine  are also much sought after. Well, if you’re interested, there can be nothing better than this. Being a doctor is indeed noble and not everybody can be one. 

Requirements: Get good marks in your 12th Science with Biology and then apply for the medical entrance exams. Good scores in these exams help you get into good colleges. After you complete your college and get a degree, you need to enter an internship to understand the profession in a practical way.


A chemist is a person who studies the composition of matter and its properties – a type of scientist trained in Chemistry. So, if Chemistry is your favourite subject, you may give this profession a try.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. However, one can also go for a master’s degree and a PhD to ensure a better job in the field. Working as a laboratory assistant is a great way to enhance your experience in this field.


A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who ensures proper health of patients through proper medication use. The industry is huge and has a great scope too.

Requirements: You need to pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology (PCM/PCB) and then go for a 4-year degree in Bachelor’s of Pharmacy.


Teaching is a great profession if you know how to impart knowledge. You can choose your favourite Science subject (Physics, Chemistry or Biology) and pursue further studies in the subject.

Requirements: Attain a bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach. If you wish to teach at the college level, you’ll need a master’s degree too. Later, you can also go for PhD and be a well-informed teacher in the field.


If research or experiments is your thing, then research organisations are waiting for you. Go ahead and complete your 10+2 in Science and pursue further studies in Science.

Requirements: To become a scientist, you need to have a master’s degree or a PhD in the respective field (Physics, Chemistry or Biology).

Food Scientist

A food scientist is an interesting career option for a Science student. Here, you analyse the nature of food and work towards the improvement in the quality of food products.

Requirements:  A bachelor’s degree in Science and then a PhD in the field would be preferred. A food scientist is required to apply all his Chemistry and Biology knowledge in the development of food.


If flying is something you’re passionate about, then why not become a pilot. Although it isn’t an easy thing to do – you need to undergo a lot of training, flying is a very rewarding experience.

Requirements: To become a pilot, you need to pass your 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics. A degree in Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Operations will help you understand the profession better. Also, you need to enrol yourself to get flying hours/experience.


An astronaut is a person who travels into space or works in a spacecraft. Space explorations are a part of an astronaut’s job. However, becoming an astronaut isn’t an easy job. It requires years of training and related educational qualifications.

Requirements: After your 10+2 in Science, you need a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Biological Science, Physical Science or Mathematics. Usually an astronaut is trained by human spaceflight programmes.  Also, space agencies have their own selection processes.

Agricultural Scientist

Agriculture isn’t just limited to farmers. It’s more than just growing crops now. Technology has made agriculture a science one would want to study, and you can easily take it up as a career. Agricultural scientists study crops to improve their quality and production. Agriculture has become high tech, and jobs range from environmental conservation to livestock management to food science. So, you can very well choose a career in agriculture.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in a related subject is sufficient if you’re considering working in the private sector. However, if you really want to get into research, you’ll have to go for higher studies. There are also many specialised courses in the field.


Architecture is all about designing of structures and buildings. If you think your Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are strong, you can definitely go for Architecture.

Requirements: You need to have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the 10+2 level. To become an architect, you need to have a good score in the all-India entrance exam. Based on these scores, you get admission to colleges.


Study of Earth processes such as landslides, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions come under Geology.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Geology can help you tread the path of a Geologist.


Zoology is a branch of Biology which focuses on animals. It’s all about studying the animal kingdom. A zoologist closely observes the origins, characteristics, behaviour, genetics, diseases and habitats of the animal world and presents his observations.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Zoology is the first course you need to take up after your 10+2.


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