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Are you Addicted to the Internet? Let’s Find Out!

The Internet is indeed one of the greatest discoveries of mankind, but excessive use of the Internet can lead to an addiction. In modern times, technology has taken over personal space to an extent that we loath being detached from our favourite devices. And, to a great extent, the Internet is the soul of technology.

We agree that the Internet is a great source of information and entertainment, but what if this source of entertainment detaches you from everything else?

So, what do you think? Are you addicted to the Internet? Let’s find out!

Low Grades

As a student, anything which distracts you can affect your grades. Are your low grades bothering you and your parents? Are you not able to give the required amount of time to your studies?  Where do you invest your time after school? Well, if you find yourself busy on social media for most of the day, then you’re addicted to the Internet.

Anger and Aggression

If your access to the Internet is restricted, do you tend to get angry or aggressive? In that case you’re definitely addicted to the Internet.

Less Social Gatherings

When was the last time you met your friends for a walk or a casual chat? If your social logins have replaced your social gatherings, then it’s time to stay away from the Internet.

You’re Online Always

Are you the one who’s always online? Well, do we need to say more? Sometimes, you stay online for a longer period of time than you actually intend to? It also creates an impression that you have no work at all!


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Risks Involved in Internet Addiction

Interestingly, it’s hard to believe that a powerful medium like the Internet which is a source of huge information for people around the world can ever be risky. However, addictions are always risky.


You may not realise, but you’re building up a lot of stress. Spending too much time on the Internet can be stressful for your eyes. Would you like to have weak eyesight? Not really!

Health Problems

To access the Internet, you end up sitting in the same position for hours. This leads to backaches, shoulder pains and many other physical problems.

Lose Contacts from Friends

If you’re lost in your virtual world, you’ll tend to spend less time with your friends. The risk is that you may lose contact with your good friends. Yes, there’s social media for staying in touch with people, but meeting in person is an altogether different thing!


Solutions which can Give you Respite

Strike a Balance

Know that the Internet is here to help you. Technology is here to empower you. Don’t let these things drive you. Strike a balance between your virtual and real life. Don’t completely discontinue the use of the Internet, as it’ll be too harsh a move for yourself. See to it that you spend limited hours surfing the web. And, keep reducing the time as you take control of your real life.

Do a Reality Check

While you’re surfing the web, you’re indeed losing on spending quality time with your family. You’re missing on meeting your friends and having fun in the evening. Before it’s too late, hold on to the things which are actually valuable in life.

Indulge in Social Activities

Human beings are social animals. We need society for many things. After a point, the Internet will make you lonely. Participate in the events your school or society organises. It’ll not only keep you busy but also away from the Internet.

If you think you aren’t the one who has an Internet addiction, then you can at least help your friends who are addicted to the Internet.

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