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Are Tuitions Spoiling the Essence of Being a Student?

Over time, tuitions have become an integral part of our education system. Students are hugely dependent on tuitions for better understanding. It is no more just a medium to impart education.

It cannot be denied that tuitions play an important role in helping you study and has an edge over school learning as it helps you revise your concepts in a better manner. Teachers cannot pay attention to every child and that is where tuitions come into the picture. Extra attention is given to every student. However, seldom do we realise that it has another side too.


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Tuitions now serve as a backup plan for students. They know that they can cover everything during tuitions; as a result, attention in class is less. No attention in class means zero participation which leads to loss of connection between teachers and students. Class participation, group discussions and debates add more value to classroom teaching and to overall education.

Also, tuitions burden students with a lot of extra work. Students who already have lots to do from school end up doing double work after joining private tuitions. This leaves no time to play or indulge in any recreational activities. And we know that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

Students are also seen completing their tuition homework in school thereby ignoring what is being taught during the day. In a way students start lagging. Not always can tuitions help you stay ahead of the curriculum. Sometimes, the portion taught in schools is different from the one taught in coaching classes. This further confuses students. Two different topics in the same subject taught simultaneously can eventually lead to confusion. Hence, the whole idea of tuitions takes a backseat and pressure keeps building.

Extra-curricular activities in school are organised to help students learn other important virtues in life. Students literally do not have time to participate in extra-curricular activities, all thanks to tuitions after school. Because they have tuitions to attend, they cannot stay back to practise.

Are tuitions spoiling the essence of being a student?

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