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Are Schools Giving Adequate Facilities to a Girl Child?

There is nothing that a girl can’t do. She is capable enough to grab every opportunity and make the best of it. But, what if the facilities she deserves are not up to the mark? It’s high time for Indian schools to consider the basic needs of a girl as important as other things.


Yes, there are schools that have high-end facilities but so is the cost of education. Also, not every Indian can afford to send his/her daughter to a school that has all the facilities for the students (the obvious reason being the fee).


It’s really great to note that the awareness on the importance of literacy is rising and so is the number of schools, especially in rural areas. However, how many of these schools are well equipped or have better facilities, especially for a girl child? Probably, a few!


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Female teachers: Schools in remote areas when compared to urban schools have less female teachers. Thus, discussing daily life problems with a male teacher becomes a bit difficult for a girl child. It is very important to maintain a balance between the male and female teachers in school.


Sanitation facilities: The issue of sanitation is really huge in India, so how can schools escape from it? Inadequate toilet facilities only make life difficult for girls. Many schools have common toilet for boys and girls, which is not a healthy practice. Menstrual hygiene is often neglected in schools. All this leads to low attendance of girl students in schools.


Transport Facilities:  In many cases, children have to travel a distance to reach their schools. In that case, the absence of transport facilities can lead to many mishaps. Schools should always make sure that they provide proper transport facilities to students.


Bullying and Unfair Practices: Absence of a proper committee that deals into the matters of bullying and other unfair practices towards girls is a huge discouragement for a girl. Unsafe environment in schools is one of the major causes of concern, because of which parents fear sending their daughters to school.


Safety: The safety of their daughters is what parents want. We often come across cases like rape, abduction and eve teasing in schools or outside the school premises. If the school itself is not safe, how can we expect other places in the world to be safe for girls? Every school should ensure a safe environment for their girl students. In fact, schools should take an initiative to enlighten them about potential dangers and ways to deal with them. A safe school environment is something that every girl needs.


Every girl has the right to go to a school which has a safe and clean environment and guarantees their safety. The schools that care for their girl students are the schools that progress in totality.


Pratibha Yadav

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