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All You Need To Know Before Writing A Bhagat Singh Essay

Bhagat Singh Essay - Childhood Days

To form an effective Bhagat Singh essay in English, you must state his life events systematically. Begin the essay by describing his childhood days.

Bhagat Singh was born on 28th September 1907 in the Punjab Doab district. He was the son of Vidyavati and Krishna Singh. Bhagat Singh’s father and uncle, Sardar Kishan Singh, supported the Gandhian ideology. This influenced Bhagat Singh to a great extent. He wanted to free the country from British empowerment. Hence, he participated in the independence struggle wherein he lost his life at a young age. He was a great patriot, and people still remember his sacrifice for India’s independence.

Bhagat Singh Essay - Education

After briefing his childhood days, mention a few lines about his education in the Bhagat Singh essay.

Bhagat Singh attended a Bangra village school for a few years. He eventually enrolled in the Dayanand Anglo Vedic school to finish his education. He attended the National College to finish his graduation after completing his schooling.

During the colonial era, Singh had a significant impact on young people. The police detained him because they feared his influence might turn the youngsters against them. Five weeks after the detention, he was freed for Rs. 60,000.

Bhagat Singh Essay - Participation In The Freedom Fight

This section is an essential part of Bhagat Singh essay in English. Bhagat Singh is known for his participation in the freedom struggle. Therefore, you must include his contributions without a miss.

While in school, he studied the European revolutionary movement and was intrigued by the Marxist and Anarchist ideologies. He participated in revolutionary activities and started inspiring many people to join him. He made the following contributions:

●       He wrote a journal on the Kirti Kisan Party - ‘Kirti’.

●       He founded the Naujawan Bharat Sabha.

●       He joined the Hindustan Republican Association.

●       He also wrote a few articles for the ‘Veer Arjun’ newspaper.

Apart from these contributions, he wanted to devote his life completely to the freedom struggle.

Bhagat Singh Essay - Demise

After elaborating on how he participated in the freedom fight, make a last paragraph on the short essay on bhagat Singh in 200 words in English or a short essay on bhagat Singh in 100 words in your answer to write about his demise.

After the death of Lala Lajpat Rai at the hands of the British police superintendent, he was infuriated by the news. He wanted to bomb the Central Legislative Assembly and kill British official John Saunders. He successfully did the murder with his associates Sukhdev and Shivaram Rajguru and surrendered his life under the hands of office at the age of 23. He was hanged on 23rd March 1931 in Lahore.


The above points will help you frame a short essay on bhagat Singh in 200 words in English during the test. Besides this guide, many learning resources are available online; you can study them to form the best article and get additional marks in the examination.


Q. What can we learn from Bhagat Singh?

Ans- Bhagat Singh has taught us that we should have the courage to stand against wrong. Besides, he also taught us that reading is important to become wiser and understand what is right and wrong.

Q. How did Bhagat Singh fight for freedom?

Ans-Though short-lived, Bhagat Singh motivated the people of India to fight against injustice through his articles published in the ‘Veer Arjun’ newspaper. 

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