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10 Powerful tips for ICSE Class 10 Exam preparation - 2020


10 Powerful tips for ICSE Class 10 Exam preparation - 2020

Beat the exam blues and revise effectively with our 10 powerful tactics for ICSE Class 10 Exam preparation in 2020.

By Topperlearning Expert 25th Feb, 2020 04:03 pm

Pick Physics, Hindi, Maths or any other subject in ICSE Class 10. What you find is a vast syllabus. Although it isn’t going to be easy to prepare yourself for facing all these syllabus topics in your exams, successfully revising these topics to score top marks is doable. 

1.      Planning your revision

Remember to create a revision plan which includes a revision schedule, a list of revision topics, mock tests etc. Be careful, trying to squeeze in too many topics for revision can be counterproductive. ICSE Class 10 textbook solutions such as Selina solutions, Frank solutions, Evergreen solutions, Sushma Agarwal solutions and Inter University Press solutions are preferred by students for last-minute revision. Also, don’t forget to include sufficient study breaks and meal breaks in your revision plan.


2.      Managing exam days

  • You need to be calm on your exam day. That’s why the day prior to your exam is an important day. On this day, you should ensure to keep aside all the things that you will require during your exam. Go to sleep on time so that you can start your exam day early.
  • Waking up early on the day of your exam will give you enough time to have a healthy breakfast and skim through a few difficult topics.
  • On the exam day, make sure to leave your home on time so that you do not get more anxious due to last-minute goof ups if any. Also, you may trigger your exam fever if you reach late for your exams. Be on time and stay relaxed till you receive your question paper.
  • Use the time given for reading the question paper to create your exam strategy. Once you get the answer sheet, use the rough area to quickly note down points or formulae which you will need to use while answering questions. Don’t waste a lot of time here. You do not have to write complete answers on the rough page. In case you get stuck or start panicking due to lack of time later, you will have your correct formulae for reference from the rough page.
  • Manage your time during your exam effectively to complete answering the paper on time. Before you submit the answer paper, try to save enough time to check your answers and make the necessary corrections as needed.
  • Once your exam is over for the day, go home and relax for some time. Focus on revising the topics of your next exam instead of wondering about the performance of the exam that is already over.    


3.      Be realistic

Don’t plan to cover your entire syllabus by reading the entire textbook on the day before your exam. Instead, go through Most Important Questions for all chapters. If you still have difficulties with any concepts, watch the concept video of that particular topic or ask an expert who’s available online or offline.


4.      General tips for ICSE Class 10 Science exam preparation - 2020

  • Don’t burn yourself out. Give yourself some rest at regular intervals.
  • Use time management strategies to revise the most important topics from your entire ICSE Class 10 syllabus.
  • Avoid panic when your exam date gets closer. Staying physically and mentally prepared for your exam is an integral part of exam preparation.


5.      What’s the formula?

Write the important ICSE Class 10 formulae from your Maths, Physics and Chemistry chapters in a separate notebook. Better still, stick a poster of these formulae near your study table. You don’t have to make anything fancy. Just prepare it in a manner wherein you can quickly go through the important formulae. Use colour pens to outline or mark specific chapter formulae. If you go through your list of formulae every day, you are likely to remember them during your exams.


6.      Modifying your study schedule

For your time to be productive, you should create a study plan with desired outcomes. Don’t burden yourself with the job of climbing a mountain when you only have the capacity to climb a hill. Have a realistic study plan and make optimum use of your time to achieve your study goals. Review the study plan at the end of each day and modify it for the next day to cover the missed topics or revised topics that require extra revision sessions.


7.      Important topics in ICSE Class 10

In ICSE Class 10, the chapters with high weightage are the most important topics in each subject. That doesn’t mean that other chapters should be given less attention. If you want to score the highest marks in ICSE Class 10, you cannot overlook the marks that can be secured from low weightage chapters. For example, some of the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics key topics are trigonometric ratios, triangles, zeros of a polynomial, trigonometric identities, surface areas and volumes, mensuration etc.

Most Important Questions usually cover the important questions and answers which have high chances of appearing in your exams. For subject-wise ICSE Class 10 Most Important Questions, click here.


 8.      Paper Analysis

Check out the paper analysis for all ICSE Class 10 subjects to understand the distribution of marks, types of questions etc. in your exam paper. Here’s a blog featuring the paper analysis of ICSE Class 10 Economics paper:

For videos of the paper analysis of other ICSE Class 10 subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, Business Studies etc. you can check out The TopperLearning YouTube channel:


9.      Grammar skills

For language subjects such as English and Hindi, you need to improve your grammar skills. During your exam, you may think of the right answer but end up writing an answer that has a different meaning if your sentence formation is incorrect. The best way to avoid losing marks in language subjects is to practise writing model answers by experts. You can use ICSE Class 10 sample papers and solutions for writing practice. Also, attempt past years’ question papers and compare your answers with reference answers by expert language teachers.


10.  Study tricks for learning concepts

Revise important terms in Science, Social Studies and Economics thoroughly. If you know the meaning of important terms, you will be able to attempt questions wherein you need to define those terms or distinguish one term from another. For example, in ICSE Class 10 Biology, you will be able to write one distinguishing point between diffusion and osmosis if you already know their definitions.


To score full marks in your ICSE Class 10 exams, you can aim for perfection in your answers. However, progress should be your priority. When you see progress in your skills, you will know how much you need to do more to achieve perfection. Self-assessment resources such as practice tests, mock exams with sample papers etc. will show you how to achieve perfection by identifying your weak areas for improvement.

The 10 powerful tips given in this post should support your exam prep efforts and help you score more marks in ICSE Class 10 exams. If you are looking for  learning resources, you can find them on our study portal.

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ICSE Class 10 2020 Sample papers 

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For more information on our comprehensive ICSE Class 10 study packs, you can call on 1800-212-7858 or visit Topperlearning!

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