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6 Useful subject-specific tips for CBSE Class 12 Science exam preparation - 2020


6 Useful subject-specific tips for CBSE Class 12 Science exam preparation - 2020

While exams are just round the corner, all the science students must pull up their socks and pay attention to these 6 useful tips for CBSE 12 Science exam preparation.

By Topperlearning Expert 23rd Feb, 2020 04:07 pm

From current electricity in CBSE Class 12 Physics to inverse trigonometric functions in CBSE Class 12 Mathematics, your Class 12 (Science) syllabus is full of mind-boggling concepts. It won’t be surprising if you end up feeling overwhelmed during your exam revision.

If you are looking for additional support to prepare for your board exams, we have gathered 6 useful subject-specific Class 12 Science exam prep tips to help you get comfortable with some of the most important CBSE Class 12 subjects.


 1.      CBSE Class 12 Science Physics

  • Physics concepts are difficult and you cannot rush through them. Have you been following a preparation strategy for the last few months before your exam? If your revision topics have piled up due to time management issues, don’t get frazzled. Keep a practical approach and develop an optimised strategy to complete your syllabus revision.
  • Although you should constantly improve your study plan, you need to be careful about your modifications. For example, if you planned to complete 5 Physics chapters in 1 week, then don’t try to push in the revision of 3 more chapters in that week. You will put undue pressure on yourself.
  • There is a possibility of you getting stuck because of lack of time when completing your second or third revision due to various reasons. In such cases, you can revise the most important questions in Physics for last-minute revision. For chapter-wise MIQs in Physics, click here.


2.      CBSE Class 12 Science Chemistry

  • Score marks in Organic Chemistry by learning the name of chemical reactions, conversions in Chemistry etc. Refer to NCERT solutions for revising reasoning-based questions. Also, use sample papers and solutions to acquire the skills to answer Organic Chemistry questions in your exam.
  • Keep a sheet or notebook of formulae from your Chemistry syllabus. Go through this sheet or book every day. For more effective learning, solve at least one problem related to each formula to understand the application of the formula while answering questions.
  • Some of the important topics in Inorganic Chemistry are d-block elements, p-block elements, metallurgy, co-ordination compounds, f-block elements etc. You may get questions based on drawing the structure of compounds. Also, there can be questions on completing the given reactions. Practise these questions by using previous years’ question papers.


3.      CBSE Class 12 Science Maths

  • Focus on Calculus. It is the most important topic because it carries 44% of weightage in your CBSE Class 12 Science question paper. Revise topics such as integrals, unit of sum, maxima, minima etc. to score marks in Calculus-based questions.
  • 3D Geometry and Vectors carries a weightage of 17%, and the topic of Algebra has 13% weightage. Other important topics in Maths include probability, relations, differential equations, matrices, determinants, linear programming and Bayes’ theorem. For Maths practice, use study materials such as sample papers and Class 12 Maths previous years’ question papers.
  • Utilise study resources like video lessons to gain complete conceptual clarity of important topics such as continuity, section formula, composition of functions etc.


4.      CBSE Class 12 Science Biology

  • Understanding your Biology question paper pattern will help you plan your exam prep strategy. Here’s a video on Class 12 Biology board paper analysis:

  • You can score marks in your Biology board exam by practising diagrams. Correctly-labelled diagrams can get you full marks in certain questions. Also, you can use the diagram to explain certain biological processes in your exam paper.
  • Learn the basic concepts first. Answering questions based on advanced biological processes will be easier if you are clear about the basic terms related to those processes. To study the concepts in CBSE Class 12 Science Biology, NCERT book solutions are preferred by most students.


5.      CBSE Class 12 Science Economics

  • Many of the questions from past years’ papers have been repeated in the Economics board exams. So, refer to the questions and model answers from past examinations during revision.
  • Solve several CBSE Class 12 Economics sample papers. Every time, you might make new mistakes. While attempting Economics sample papers, your aim should be to avoid repeating the mistakes from the previously solved sample papers. In this way, you will get better at answering questions from your syllabus.
  • For expert tips on scoring full marks in CBSE Class 12 Economics, you can watch this video:


6.      CBSE Class 12 Science Hindi

  • Revise Hindi grammar. It will help you with correct sentence formation in Hindi. With a solid grasp of Hindi grammar, you will be able to correctly express your understanding of the poems and prose covered in your CBSE Class 12 Hindi syllabus.
  • Practise reference answers from NCERT solutions to improve your writing skills.
  • Attempt Hindi sample papers to practise answering Hindi questions.


Our subject-specific tips might help you with certain areas of exam prep, but you need to sincerely put in efforts for excelling in your exams. However, smart time management and self-confidence are going to be your recipe for success in Class 12 Science. With adequate revision, you will know how to write your Class 12 Science board exams well.

There are ample CBSE Class 12 Science study materials online. Watch concept videos to revise concepts or assess your skills with our practise tests. For more support, contact TopperLearning’s academic counsellor at 1800-212-7858 or put your query on ask the expert platform for solving doubts and get academic assistance in 24 hours.

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