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10 Cool NASA Inventions Used by Us

Did you ever think that the things that you regularly use in your house may be a NASA invention? Well, it is true. Here are some interesting NASA inventions used by common man.


Water Filters

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Water filters were invented to have access to clean water in space. Although water filtering technology existed since the 1950s, NASA invented filters to clean water even in extreme conditions. So much so, that even urine is filtered in space.

Memory Foam


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Polyurethane–silicon plastic was created by NASA to use in aircraft in order to minimise the impact during landings. The special quality of memory foam is its ability to evenly distribute weight and has shock absorbency. However, now it is being used by many of us to get comfortable sleep.


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NASA built satellites to communicate with people on the Earth from outer space. The same satellite technology is now used to make long distance calls. About 200 communication satellites orbit the Earth to make communication possible.


Smoke Detectors

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In collaboration with Honeywell Corporation, NASA invented adjustable smoke detectors to avoid discrepancies like fire on the Skylab – the first US space station. Smoke detectors are now conveniently used in our homes and offices.

Invisible Braces

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To protect the infrared antennae of heat-seeking missile trackers, invisible braces were developed. Now, they are popular equipment used in the orthodontic industry.

Light-Emitting Diodes


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Light-emitting diodes or LEDs were developed for NASA’s space shuttles. LEDs are now used for general purposes as well.

Artificial Limbs

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The use of artificial muscle systems in NASA’s space robotic and extravehicular activities led to the use of artificial limbs in real life too. Well, it is a ray of hope for many disabled yet hopeful people in the world.

Shoe Insoles

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During Apollo missions, NASA devised special three-dimensional polyurethane foam fabric boots to set a spring in astronauts’ steps while providing ventilation. The same concept is now used in many athletic shoes to lessen the impact on our feet and legs.

Ear Thermometer

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Infrared technology is used by NASA to measure the temperature of stars. Infrared sensors are now used in ear thermometers which are used to detect our body temperatures. The sensors detect the amount of energy emitted by the ear drums. Ear thermometers have replaced traditional mercury thermometers to a great extent.

Scratch-Resistant Sunglasses

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To protect space equipment from dirt in the space environment, NASA invented special plastic coatings. These plastic coatings are now used in our scratch-resistant sunglasses.

Oven with a Remote Control

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NASA developed an embedded web technology software for astronauts on the International Space Station. The software was developed to help astronauts in their experiments. Through the software, the devices in space can be controlled with a remote over the Internet. Later, the same technology was used in building remote control ovens.

VISAR Technology

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Video image stabilisation and registration (VISAR) technology was invented by NASA to help FBI agents. This technology helps analyse a video without distorting its quality.

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