Why Wurtz fittig reaction is not suitable for odd number carbon chains?

Asked by Tanya Singh | 5th Jan, 2012, 04:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Wurtz fittig reaction is used for alkylation of aryl halides.While in Wurtz reaction,two moles of alkyl halides reacts with two moles of sodium molecule to produce symmetrical alkane.
CH3Br +2Na + CH3Br ? CH3 CH3 + 2NaBr
In  case, two different alkyl halides are taken in order to prepare alkane with odd number of carbon atoms, a mixture of three alkanes will be produced as follows:
Therefore, this method is not suited to prepare alkanes containing odd number of carbon atoms. Methane, however, cannot be prepared by this method.

Answered by  | 5th Jan, 2012, 05:15: PM

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