Why should adolescents stay away from drugs?What can they do in case they need help?

Asked by gspublicschool | 29th Oct, 2019, 11:50: AM

Expert Answer:

Drugs are addictive. If you take them once, you feel like taking them again and again. They harm the body in the long run. They ruin health and happiness. Adolescents taking drugs often suffer from depression and anxiety, poor or declining health, difficulty maintaining self-esteem, grief, loss or trauma and problems making friends and feeling isolated. Hence, adolescents should stay away from drugs. In case, they get addicted to drugs, they can seek help from their family members. Parents can talk to their children and explain the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. This helps parents positively influence their children while teaching their children about boundaries. Adolescents can even talk to their elders and get away from this addiction. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 30th Oct, 2019, 11:59: AM