which procedure will you follow to study magnetic field , if you are provided with paraffin oil, iron nail, bar magnet, battery, coil, conductor wire???

Asked by kpbadgujar2007 | 19th Jan, 2019, 08:48: PM

Expert Answer:

An iron nail is coiled with wire and connected to the battery.

The temporary magnetism is induced in an iron nail that is an electromagnet.

We know that when magnetic material brought near the bar magnet it got attracted towards the magnet.

However, when nonmagnetic material will not get attracted.

A bar magnet is a permanent magnet and iron nail will work as a temporary magnet.

So the magnetic field can be studied by comparing magnetic fields produced by

the permanent magnet (bar magnet) and temporary magnet (electromagnet).

Answered by Varsha | 21st Jan, 2019, 05:20: PM