CBSE Class 7 Questions and Answers

Learning the fundamentals is important in CBSE Class 7 as the fundamentals studied now will also be helpful in the future. Students need robust training and study materials which will help them to score well in their examination and simplify all their concepts. TopperLearning provides study materials for CBSE Class 7 which help students to learn for their examinations. Our study materials consist of highly interactive quality videos that simplify learning and increase focus. Our revision notes and sample papers also help students to understand what is required in the examination.

Our study materials for CBSE Class 7 are created by subject matter experts who have experience in teaching CBSE students. For students' convenience, we have textbook solutions, like NCERT textbook solutions, which have simplified solutions to the textbook questions for each chapter. Our textbook solutions also help students with homework and to understand all the concepts well.

TopperLearning study materials are available for the subjects of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, and Hindi. The study materials are revised from time to time according to the latest CBSE syllabus.

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CBSE VII - Mathematics


Asked by anjalisangwan232 | 12th Apr, 2021, 06:22: PM

CBSE VII - Science

Is this is not in hindi

Asked by bhartipanwar1983 | 12th Apr, 2021, 03:30: PM

CBSE VII - Mathematics

- and + Bcome a -

Asked by ameyrchavhan | 11th Apr, 2021, 12:55: PM

CBSE VII - English

Where is Bermuda triangle located

Asked by prajwalmanwar502 | 7th Apr, 2021, 08:16: PM

CBSE VII - Mathematics

Maths practice sheet  

Asked by Amingulabi4 | 4th Apr, 2021, 09:32: PM

CBSE VII - Grammar

Tense  He is not running on the road 

Asked by kunalkahiwartya14 | 2nd Apr, 2021, 09:52: AM

CBSE VII - Mathematics

but when denominator are same

Asked by anirbanrakshit59 | 30th Mar, 2021, 02:21: PM

CBSE VII - Mathematics

-1 and 0

Asked by sprakash5451 | 27th Mar, 2021, 04:37: PM