when we push the car,workdineyis 0,how

Asked by vaniimtiyaz630 | 12th May, 2022, 12:19: AM

Expert Answer:

Workdone in physics = Force × ( part of displacement in same direction of force )
when we push the car, workdone against the gravitational force is zero because direction of gravitational force
and direction of displacement are mutually perpendicular .
Hence displacement in the direction of gravitational force is zero and workdone which is product of force
and displacement is zero.
When we push the car , our muscles applies the force nearly in horizontal direction parallel to earth surface.
Workdone by the force applied by muscles is not zero . This workdone equals product of force and displacement.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 12th May, 2022, 07:55: AM