what will happen if deoxygenated blood mixes with oxygenated blood ?? 🤔

Asked by rdk_kulkarni | 3rd Sep, 2020, 05:23: PM

Expert Answer:

If deoxygenated blood mixes with oxygenated blood, both lungs and tissues would receive blood with the same amounts of oxygen, which would affect the efficiency of the delivery of O2 to the tissues of the body. Generally, this situation occurs when there is a ventricular septal defect (a hole between the two ventricles), that causes the poorly oxygenated and well oxygenated blood to mix resulting into semi-oxygenated blood. 
Because of blood mixing, it results in blood circulating in the arteries to be less oxygenated than it should due to which activity of the animal is decreased. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 4th Sep, 2020, 12:49: PM