What is Yukawa's meson theory? Is it proved false by experts?

Asked by  | 28th Jul, 2008, 07:41: PM

Expert Answer:

You have asked extremely intelligent question and we would like to understand where you are getting stuck on this question, once we are clear, we would be able to explain things better.

From a technical point of view mesons are strongly interacting bosons; i.e., they participate in the strong nuclear force and are described by the Bose-Einstein statistics, which apply to all particles not covered by the Pauli exclusion principle. The existence of mesons was first predicted in 1935 by Hideki Yukawa, who theorized that they could be responsible for the force holding the nucleus of an atom together and tat is what is precisely 'yukawa's meson theory' .

Answered by  | 29th Jul, 2008, 12:10: AM

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