what is the reason that the functional groups are given this priority order? i mean, why are they classified in that order(-COOH > -COOR and so on)? is electronegativity or molecular mass of substituents the basis of this classification? or is there any other parameter?

Asked by Renuka Ganesh | 1st Oct, 2013, 10:36: AM

Expert Answer:

Highest priority is assigned to functional groups that have an IUPAC suffix and which terminate a carbon chain.

Carboxylic acids and their derivatives are in that category.

Next are groups that have a suffix and can be located at any position in a molecule.Examples are hydroxyl (alcohol) and amino (amine).

Lowest priority is assigned to groups such as halogen, which have no suffix and so are always named as substituents.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 9th Oct, 2013, 07:24: PM

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