what is the expression for the moment of force about a given axis

Asked by larakediarollno | 10th Apr, 2022, 03:38: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us consider an object oivoted at O . Given axis of rotation passing through O and is perpendicular to the page.
A is point of application of force F which is at a distance r from pivot point.
We find the perpendicular distance d from pivot point O to the force F as shown in figure .
Moment of force  τ = ( magnitude of force ) × ( perpendicular distance )
Moment of force  τ = F × d
Another definition of moment of force τ is given as
Moment of force  τ = ( arm distance ) × (magnitude of Force ) × ( sine of angle between arm distance and force )
In figure distance between pivot point O and point of application of force F is known as arm distance
Moment of force  τ = r × F × sinθ

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 10th Apr, 2022, 06:41: PM