What is the difference between minerals and ores?

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Expert Answer:

1.MINERALS- A mineral is defined as a solid with a definite composition and crystalline structure.
2.ORE- An ore is a rock that has a relatively large concentration of a certain 1 or few minerals,such as Cu,Fe,Gold etc.
Metals and Non-metals:-
Metals-(i) Metals have the following physical properties that have a shining surface
(ii) can be drawn into thin wires are said to be DUCTILE
(iii) can also be beaten into sheets i.e. are MALLEABLE
(iv) they form basic oxides
(i) Non-metals are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
(ii) they form acidic oxides
(iii) they have got lower boiling and melting points
(iv) they have got high electronegativity and normally have got  tendency to gain electrons.

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