different be between metals and nonmetals on the basis of of their chemical properties

Asked by virkarman36 | 8th Aug, 2021, 09:24: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Stuent, 
Please follow the given link to know about difference in chemical properties of metals and non metals.
https://images.topperlearning.com/topper/revisionnotes/3337_Topper_21_110_7_2_3145_16696_Properties_of_Metals_and_Non_Metals_up201509071501_1441618299_7742.pdf?v=0.0.1#:~:text=Non-metals do not conduct,are good conductors of heat.&text=Metals are good conductors of electricity.,are non-conductors of electricity.

Answered by Ravi | 8th Aug, 2021, 04:35: PM