What are the functions of asters?

What is the difference between centrioles and centrosomes?

What is a homologous chromosome? Define it.

Asked by saibaba1069 | 4th Mar, 2021, 08:58: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Functions of asters:
  • Asters hold the two centrioles at the two opposite poles.
  • The asters then provide support and guidance to the chromosomes, ensuring that chromosomes end up in the right place as mitosis occurs.
2. A centrosome is an amorphous structure containing two centrioles while a centriole is an organelle with an intricate microstructure.
3. Homologous chromosomes have corresponding DNA sequences and come from separate parents; one homolog comes from the mother and the other comes from the father. Homologous chromosomes line up and synapse during meiosis.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 5th Mar, 2021, 03:01: PM