What are the differences between homologous and analogous organs???

Asked by satyajitr.kv3nal | 2nd Feb, 2016, 07:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Hi Satyajit,

Homologous Organs

Analaogous Organs

Homologous organs have similar origin  n basic structure but perform different functions in different organisms

Analogous organs are different in basic structure but perform same functions.

Homologous organs show divergent evolution

Analogous organs show convergent evolution.

They develop in related organisms.

They develop in unrelated organisms.

Example- Forelimb of a frog and man seem to be built from the same basic design of bones but they perform different functions.

Example- Wings of birds and bats look similar. But in birds wings are covered by feathers all along the arm but the wings of bats is skin folds stretched between elongated fingers.

Answered by  | 3rd Feb, 2016, 06:04: PM

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