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CBSE Class 11-science Answered

Two cars A and B are travelling in same direction with speed v1 and v2 respectively (v1 > v2 ). When car A is d distance behind the car B, the brakes on A are applied, causing retardation . Show that to prevent a collision between A and B it is necessary that (v1 > v2 )2 < (2d)
Asked by Topperlearning User | 04 Jun, 2014, 01:23: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer

Here, in problem to prevent the collision of car A with B, the relative velocity of car A w.r.t. B should reduce to zero before car A undergoes the relative displacement of d w.r.t. car B.

Answered by | 04 Jun, 2014, 03:23: PM
CBSE 11-science - Physics
Asked by dibyanshubehera2727 | 02 Jul, 2021, 07:28: AM
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