thre are so many reactions and conversions in organic chemistry.

Asked by ADITYA KUMAR SINGH | 26th Oct, 2013, 12:00: PM

Expert Answer:

  • The best way to learn the equations is by practicing them. Try to understand a reaction and practice by writing 3 to 4 times. This will help you in remembering different reactions more easily.
  • Learn the functional groups. Study the reactions as per the functional groups.
  • Study all the name reactions in your syllabus and list them down viz, Clemmensen’s reduction, aldol condensate ion, Cannizzaro’s reaction, Wurtz reaction etc.
  • Write down all the reagents used in various chemical reactions. For example: Oxidising agents: Alkaline KMnO4, acidified K2Cr2O7 V2O5 ; Reducing agents: H2/Ni, Cu
  • Take practice tests.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 26th Oct, 2013, 09:33: PM

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