the question which i had asked regarding a ray of light incident perpendicularly from top of an object , is there in the cbse sample qp of 2021 but the answer given there is centre of curvature but the answer given by topperlearning is Focus, can you pls recheck

Asked by Trisha Gupta | 20th Nov, 2021, 03:30: PM

Expert Answer:

From geometry , it is known that a line perpendicular to curved surface passes through centre of curvature C .
Also a light ray incident normally on a reflective surface will be reflected back along the same normal direction.
Hence if a light ray is drawn from object and that is perpendicular to concave mirror curvature , then reflected ray
will pass through centre of curvature as shown in figure .

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 21st Nov, 2021, 10:33: AM