the angle between vector A and vector B is theta..calculate value of triple product of(all are vectors) ------>A.(B X A)

Asked by Rohan Astik | 2nd Oct, 2013, 09:27: PM

Expert Answer:

The dot product (also known as the scalar product) of two vectors is defined to be


A • B = AB cos ?


where ‘?’  is the angle that A and B form when placed tail-to-tail.

Since it is a scalar, the product is commutative


A • B B • A  


Geometrically, A • B ABA where BA is the projection of B on A , as shown in Fig.

It is also equal to BAB , where AB is the projection of A on B .



The combination (A × B) · C is known as the triple scalar product. A × B is a vector.

The dot product of this vector with the vector C gives a scalar.


Answered by Faiza Lambe | 3rd Oct, 2013, 08:57: AM

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