Suppose an object (of 10 kg) under trajectory is projected at an angle 60 degree reaches a height of 10 metre is undergoing an increase in value of g which is in G.P. ( i.e., g, g2, g3,… at every second).
1) Time of flight,
2) Fore exerted on the object during projection,
3) Horizontal range and
4)The value of g, the instant when it hit the ground.
Please explain the answer in detailed algorithm....

Asked by nitishkrnehu09 | 21st Oct, 2016, 08:08: PM

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The equations involving projectile motion have initial projection velocity in them. As all the other quantities are to be derived, it seems as if the initial velocity should be mentioned.
So, kindly check the question from the source and provide necessary information to solve the query. If possible mention the book name from which the query was taken.


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Answered by Romal Bhansali | 24th Oct, 2016, 03:36: PM

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