Solve the system of inequations graphically

          x greater or equal than y, y + x less or equal than 5, x, y greater or equal than 0

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Expert Answer:

We draw the graphs of the linear equations x = y and x + y = 5 in the same plane.For shading the region for x y, we take a point, say (2, 0) substitute it in the inequality
 x   y i.e. 2 0.

Clearly the inequality is satisfied hence the region B will be shaded for x  y. Thus, the region shaded in red colour will represent the inequality x  y.

Similarly we can see that region coloured in green represents the inequality   

x + y  5.                                                                   

Also x  0, y   0 means that we are in the first quadrant. 

So the doubly shaded region in the shape of a triangle is the required region.







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