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(i) Phenol reacts with ethanoyl chloride at room temperature, although the reaction isn't as fast as the one between ethanoyl chloride and an alcohol. Phenyl ethanoate is formed together with hydrogen chloride gas.




(ii) Ethanol is oxidised
  • with acidified Potassium Dichromate, K2Cr2O7, or
  • with acidified Sodium Dichromate, Na2Cr2O7, or
  • with acidified potassium permanganate, KMnO4,
to form ethanal, (i.e. acetaldehyde).


	C2H5OH  ==>     CH3CHO + H2O    
	Ethanol              Ethanal 

The addition of Methylmagnesium iodide to acetaldehyde gives Isopropyl alcohol.


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