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Define centre of curvature. Find the nature and focal length of spherical mirror whose radius of curvature is+ 24 cm. 

Radius of curvature: The radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is the radius of the sphere of which the reflecting surface of spherical mirror is a part and is represented by r’ 
Focal point : It is the distance between the pole P and the focus F and is represented by f. If f is the focal length and r is the radius of curvature then f=r/2 or r = 2f and this relation is for concave and convex mirrors.
Optical centre: The optical centre is the actual geometrical centre of the lens. 
Radius of curvature of spherical mirror = +24 cm ...(Given)
f = R/2 = +24/2 = + 12 cm 
Thus, focal length of spherical mirror is +12 cm. 
The positive sign of focal length of mirror indicates that the mirror is convex mirror. 
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Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 2nd Dec, 2020, 11:26: PM