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You can answer the question in two possible ways, we are writing the both & leaving it to you to choose either of two.

A) If the dam is to be constructed-- 1) If deforestation is there- we can plant large number of  trees to counter that. 2) Rehabilitation - we will first build to rehabilitation centres with all the facilities to ensure better life, educational & employment opportunities for tribes and then only the construction of dam will begin 3) Wild life - entire wild animals will first be shifted to new areas having similar habitat so that they can lead normal life & there is no disturbance to wild life. 4) Enviornment groups- they will be explaind about the potential benefits to the area, state & entire country, if the dam is constructed. Moreover they will be told about benefita about employment generation, betterment of facilities, electricity generation to the power hungary country etc. They will also be told that government provide sanctions for dam construction only after looking into all enviornmental issues & even if my company stops construction some other company will construct it.

B) If the dam is not to be constructed -- 1) We have only one earth to live & we can't destruct its natural self on the name of development. 2) Although deforestation could be done but it takes a long time for a new forest to develop into a balanced forest, so there would be disturbance to ecosystem. 3) Outsees of Tawa dam constructed in 1970 are still fighting their benefits, so the problem of rehabilitation would certainly  persist.4) Wild life could be shifted but it takes a long time in adjustment, moreover many animals die during transit, so they would certainly be harmed.Although there may be harm to the company & to my promotion avenues, evene then Iwill keep the intrests of planet earth, biosphere, wild animals & enviornmental groups paramount & will not construct the dam.



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