please explain this-coenocytic hyphae of rhizopus or fungus,and alga like vaucheria are multinucleate and aseptate.

Asked by Chelsea Dhawan | 3rd Jul, 2015, 09:17: PM

Expert Answer:

The hyphae of rhizopus is a multiucleate cell which result from multiple nuclear divisions. Mycelium of lower fungi is aseptate (hyphae is not having a cross-wall) and coenocytic where as of higher fungi it is septate and cell may be uni, bi or multi nucleate.
Similarly in vaucheria that contains numerous nuclei, the plant body becomes separate.Each segment germinates directly into a new plant on the approach of favourable conditions. They also do not have cross wall

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 4th Jul, 2015, 12:07: PM