Plase prove the marked formula...
Logically it is not fitting to my mind that how that formula represents the path difference...
please can you show me the drivation for it...

Asked by nitishkrnehu09 | 9th Oct, 2017, 07:35: PM

Expert Answer:

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- Let two particles be thrown at two points which are very near.
- The first point of disturbance as S1 and the other as S2.
- The waves emanating from S1 has arrived exactly one cycle earlier than the waves from S2.
- It is obvious in this case that there is a path difference between the two waves of about λ (wavelength).
- If the distance traveled by the waves from two disturbance is same, then path difference will be zero.
- The inter relationship between the phase difference and path difference can be stated as:
Δ= λ⋅Δϕ / 2π

-Here the Δ is the change also known as 'delta'
 ΔX is path difference and 
 Δϕ is the phase difference.



Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 10th Oct, 2017, 05:40: PM