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1. The compound contains 66.97% C , 11.63% H and 21.4% O. The atomic mass of C is 12, O is 16 and H is1.  The molecualr formul of teh compound is 86.Therefore, the formula of the compound is C5H10O.

1. The compound reacts with sodium bisulphite to give an addition product. Therefore, it is a carbonyl compound.

2. The compound does not reduce tollen's reagent. Therefore, it is a ketone.

3. To identify the position of carbonyl group it is given that the compound gives a positive iodoform test. So, it is a methyl ketone. Also, it is given that on vigorous oxidation , it gives ethanoic acid and propanoic acid.

 Therefore, the formula of the compound is CH3CH2CH2COCH3

Teh reactions are:


                                        vig oxidation

CH3CH2CH2COCH3           CH3COOH +  CH3CH2CH2COOH    


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