Nitroethane and Ethyl nitrite have same chemical formulae. But What is difference between them? Do they show same chemical properties?

Asked by shrikrushna deokar | 26th Nov, 2013, 04:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Boiling Point:

Boiling point of ethyl nitrite is 170C

Boiling point of Nitroethane is 1150C.

Reduction with metal and acid:

Ethyl nitrite gives alcohol+ hydroxyl amine or NH3

C2H5ONO  +  4H  →   C2H5OH +   NH2OH

Nitroethane gives corresponding primary amine.

C2H5NO2 +  6H  →     C2H5NH2 +   2H2O

Action on NaOH:

Ethyl nitrite is readily hydrolysed to give corresponding alcohol and sodium nitrite.

C2H5ONO +  NaOH   →          C2H5OH  + NaNO2

Nitroethane is not decomposed and alcohols are not formed.

Action on nitrous acid:

Nitrous acid has no action ethyl nitrite.

Nitro ethane when reacts with nitrous acid forms nitrolic acid which dissolves in alkali to give red solution.

Answered by Karishma Kapoor | 27th Nov, 2013, 03:06: PM

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