liquid p and q form ideal solution the vapour pressure of pure p and q at 80 degree celcius are 300 mm and 100 mm of hg .suppose the vapour  above the solution is compodes of 1 mole of p and 1 mole of q at 80 degree celcius is collected and condensed.this condensate is heated to 80 degree celcius and the vapour is again condensed to form  a liqiud r. what is the mole fraction of p in r.

Asked by PratibhaPandey | 12th May, 2014, 05:56: PM

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moles of p = n1 = 1 mole
moles of q = n2 = 1 mole
molefraction of p in r = n1 / (n1 + n2 ) = 1 /(1+1) = 0.5
mole fraction of p in the condensate r = 0.5.


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Answered by Prachi Sawant | 19th May, 2014, 03:03: PM

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