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Asked by arup.isro | 19th Dec, 2018, 10:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Free body diagrams of both the blocks showing the forces acting on each block is shown in figure.
Horizontal velocity together is given to the system, hence only forces acting on the blocks are due to friction.
Acceleration imparted towards left to block-1 of mass 2 kg = [0.2×3g + 0.1×g]/2 = 0.35 g
Acceleration imparted towards right to block-2 of mass 1 kg = [0.1×g]/1 = 0.1 g
Let us assume acceleration towards left is +ve and acceleration towards right is -ve
Acceleration of centre of mass = [ 2×0.35×g - 1×0.1×g ] /(2+1) = (0.6/3)×10 = 2 m/s2  [ g = 10 m/s2 is assumed ]

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 21st Dec, 2018, 10:29: AM

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